Detailed Hole Maps with Scorecard

Give your golfers a more detailed map of your course. You map out center of greens, tee locations and the boundaries of the hole. These maps are GPS-Enabled, so golfers can tap the map to find distances to course features easily. You also can add some textual description to each hole to guide the golfer. Included with the detailed map is an interactive scorecard.

Map setup is a snap in our CMS. Simply click on the locations for each feature. If you need to adjust, drag the icon around.

CMS Screenshot of Map Set

Interactive Scorecard

The interactive scorecard allows your golfers to keep score from within the app. Golfers set their tees and HCP index and the final score is automatically calculated for them.

Golfers can email their scorecard to their foursome or share their scorecard on facebook and really spread the word about your club!