At Dove Valley Golf, we have been delivering premium branded mobile apps for over two years. Let us show you what we can do for your club!

CMS Screenshot of Map Setup

Your club's mobile app should reflect your club's value

You club is unique. You need a branded app platform that is flexible enough to make your own. Dove Valley Golf offers a number of add-on features. You only pay for what your club can use. This makes your app, well... your app.

Reach your club's increasingly mobile audience

No doubt about it, smartphones are taking over, with the very important 25 - 34 age group reporting well over 60% smartphone over regular mobile phones. And of those smartphones, Android and iOS devices like the iPhone count for well over 70% of all smartphone users. With numbers like these, your club can't afford to miss an opportunity to reach these people. Add to that the fact that more people are spending much more time consuming mobile than they are with print media, it seems to be a great time to shift some of your marketing budget from print to mobile.

Get started building right now

With our easy signup process, you need nothing more than an email address and a credit card to get your app rolling. Immediately after signup, you get access to our Content Management System (CMS) where you can upload content, setup your course's maps and get your app ready for release.

One CMS for both platforms

Wether you order an Android app, iOS app or both, you'll still use the same CMS to manage your app's content. If you decide to add on the other platform later, there is nothing more to do. Simply pay for the other platform and we'll build it and get it ready.

We handle the delivery of your app

After all your content is ready to go, we completely handle the process of delivering it to the App Store and/or the Android Marketplace. If you want a coordinated release, just let us know the release date you'd like, otherwise, your club's app will be ready as soon as it is approved.

But we're not done yet!

Here at Dove Valley Golf, our team is constantly looking for new features to make our platform even more fantastic. We have put together a brief product roadmap to highlight some of the features we have on our horizon. While you're looking over the roadmap, why not fill out a brief survey to help us understand what your club might be interested in implementing in your branded mobile app? Your feedback can help us taylor our offering for your club.